Expedition Leading (Arctic/Antarctic), Guide Training, Polar Safety/Logistics, Expedition and Safety Consulting.

Graham has been working and adventuring in the polar regions since 1998. He has worked as a Field Assistant to science and film crews in the Ross Sea, as sea kayak guide, a photography teacher, and Expedition Leader on small cruise ships and private yachts and Safety Manager/Location Advisor for a variety of photographers and fil crews. His ability to inspire staff and passengers alike is well known in the industry and his professional outdoor back ground and qualifications create a dynamic work place and training ground for staff and passengers alike. Graham has many years of experience across a wide range of locations and is able to consult on:

  • Antarctic Peninsula
  • Weddell Sea
  • Sth Georgia
  • Falkland Islands
  • Canadian High North
  • NW Passage
  • Baffin Island
  • Greenland – south, west and east coasts
  • Svalbard

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As Expedition Leader or Trainer on any journey or vessel Graham’s organisational ability, logistics, safety management and communication skills deliver results for you or your company You are assured:

  • Safety of passengers and staff on all excursions and operations
  • Delivery of a quality educational and experiential product for participants and staff
  • Quality crucial decisions on sites, locations, plans and safety management procedures for each considering weather, wildlife and topography
  • Efficient liaison with other operators, and stake holders.
  • Efficient liaison with any head office or international agencies and delivery of any required reports.

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Ships worked on as Expedition Leader:

    • Akademik Ioffe – 100pax
    • Akademik Sergei Vavilov – 100 pax     One Ocean Expeditions
    • Ocean Nova – 85 pax
    • Sea Spirit – 90 pax                               Quark Expeditions
    • Akademik Shokalskiy – 48 pax
    • Hanse Explorer – 12 pax                      EYOS Expeditions
    • Silver Explorer
    • Silver Cloud

Graham’s personal polar expeditions include:

  • First ever sea kayak journey from Hope Bay (Nth Peninsula) – Adelaide Island
  • First sea kayak circumnavigation of Sth Georgia
  • Sea kayak and mountaineering traverse of the Darwin Cordillera, Tierra del Fuego
  • Mountaineering traverse of Oscar II Land, Spitsbergen
  • Ski crossing of Greenland
  • A one-month solo sea kayak and mountaineering journey – Greenland west coast.