Graham’s humor, insights from years at the coal-face and deep passion for adventure and photography inspire many people every year. He is able to tailor any presentation to your needs and uses powerful metaphors to customise messages for your organisation.

Graham has a vast amount of experience in delivery and facilitation. His style is inclusive, humerous, poignant and very real. Drawing on years of management training and his accreditations in a range of leadership and personality trait models Graham is able to structure incredibly relevant presentations, workshops or keynotes that will be remembered and make a difference. Graham can tailor the message to any situation but offers some fascinating set presentations on leadership, teamwork and passion and perseverance.

All presentations are suitable for senior students through executive level and can be adjusted accordingly.

Teamwork in the Extreme

thumbTeamworkinExtremeIn extreme environments – where life is pared down to its most vital elements – there exists a set of basic teamwork principles. These basic principles are as applicable in the work place – but are often hidden under layers of clutter.

25 years experience operating in extreme environments, teaching and building teams in difficult conditions enables Graham Charles to offer crucial insights – drawing on existing teamwork and personality models – and provide frameworks and measures against the reality of life on the edge.

Leadership – What we can learn from Shackleton – and ‘leadership when it counts’

thumbLeadership_ShackletonSir Ernest Shackleton was one of the most successful ‘leaders’ of the polar romantic era. It was his incredible leadership skills that carried Shackleton and his men through two Antarctic winters, the incredible boat journey to South Georgia Island and eventual rescue from Elephant Island (1914 -16).

Graham Charles has spent many years working in the polar regions where Shackleton lead his famous journeys. He was leader of the world-first kayak circumnavigation of South Georgia Island where Shackleton’s most celebrated journey finished.

He will investigate what leadership ideas worked for Shackleton – and what didn’t – and how these lessons are still relevant today. Utilizing contemporary leadership theory Graham offers an interesting and amusing expose of ‘leadership when it counts’.

P2 – Passion & Perseverance

thumbppUtilising two of human-kinds most powerful tools Graham Charles investigates what it takes to succeed when you’ve been told “it’s impossible” or “you’re going to die”.

Drawing on 25 years experience in the outdoors, two world-first expeditions and seven years journeying in both poles, Graham will demonstrate how to use passion and perseverance to achieve success in your own world.

The Frozen Coast – World-first journey along the Antarctic Peninsula

thumbFrozenCoastIn 2001 Graham Charles and his team, Adventure Philosophy, were dropped off by Sir Peter Blake on the northern end of the Antarctic Peninsula. Their challenge was to paddle, unsupported, over 850km to the polar circle and beyond.

Grahams’ presentation utilizes award winning photography and humorous travelogue to take you on this landmark journey. The journey provides insights into teamwork, leadership and succeeding against all odds. A presentation guaranteed to inspire awe, and your own spirit of adventure.

The Unclaimed Coast

thumbUnclaimedCoast“You’re committing suicide” Graham Charles was told prior to attempting the first-ever sea kayak circumnavigation of South Georgia Island. Despite this Graham and his Adventure Philosophy team prevailed and completed this historic journey in November 2005.

South Georgia Island, situated deep in the southern ocean, was originally made famous by Sir Ernest Shackleton during his 1914-16 expedition. It’s dramatic southwest coast is exposed to some of the most furious winds and weather on the planet. This ‘killer’ coast was the crux of the journey as the team battled freezing temperatures and the ever-present threat of hurricane-force winds. All the time living with and surrounded by the beauty and incredible wildlife that South Georgia is reknowned for.

Dramatic travelogue, stunning imagery and humour wrought by staring down the barrel of a loaded gun make for an inspiring and unforgettable presentation.

Journey of the Mind

thumbJourneyoftheMindIn 2007 Graham Charles and Marcus Waters made the first all Kiwi team ski traverse of the Greenland ice cap. Share in this incredible 35day journey across a frozen land devoid of visual or mental stimulation. Find out how much mental fitness and control of the psyche matter.

Faced with advancing winter, freezing temperatures and diminishing supplies this ice cap tested their patience and perseverance to the absolute limit in a nail-biting showdown with a rapidly melting western ice cap.

Stunning audiovisuals transport you right to the frozen heart of Greenland and its rules for success and survival.